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Method: /Stores/CreateOrUpdatePrtoduct






this method require a valid account access token. (parameter: token)



- Only requested params will be update.
- Example


parameter Description Type Required
token True
store_id Account Store Id (for Authentication) Int True
sku Product SKU String True
is_override_existing_product if SKU exists, override it? String True
is_restore_deleted_items restore deleted product? String True
is_visible Product visible on store? bool False
title Product Title. required when it is a new product String False
main_category_name Product main category name. if category exists the product will be attached to it. required when it is a new product String False
short_description Product short description. String False
long_description Product long description. String False
qty Product qty. set null to unlimited double False
qty_type Units = 0, Kg = 1, Grams = 2, Liter = 3, Meter = 4, Cm = 5 Int False
qty_jumping_number choose a stepping number if qty type is not a Units. recommended for Kg:0.5. for Units always be 1 double False
weight Product weight double False
is_no_vat is this product without VAT bool False
images Product images.
see exp
object False
prices Product prices.
see exp
object False
is_force_delete_existing_attributes delete existing attributes before add new attributes. bool False
attributes Product attributes.
see exp
object[] False
attributes_matrix attach 2 attributes to matrix.
see exp
object False
is_hide_buy_buttons set true to hide buy buttons for this product. bool False


Returns a valid JSON type.

Name Type Description
id Int32
is_existing_updated Boolean
success Boolean
error String