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AppMarket integration

Create an app

To start create an app you need to fill some settings first(App name, settings URL, pricing URL..).
You must have a user on Cashcow. if you don't have a user you need to register here.
Create an app and start now.

How it works?

when you setting up a new app you need to fill this fields:
  • App name: your app friendly name that will shown to Cashcow users.
  • App description: your app description that will shown to Cashcow users.
  • App Image: your app image that will shown to Cashcow users.
  • App settings URL: When user install your app, he redirect to a page with iframe.
    We will redirect the user to your settings URL with signed request.
    you can decrypt the signed request with your app token you recieved.
    signed request includes all user data you need to integrate the user with your app.
  • App pricing URL: If you want to get money from your app you need to setting Pricing URL.
    The pricing URL must use Cashcow CSS files and encrypt values with MD5 HASH algorithm and your app token as vector.
    You can read more about pricing URL here.
  • Events: You can attach URL to invoke from event list like "order completed" as server event or "store loaded" as client event. You can read more about events here.

App submission

When you finish build your app you need to submit to review by us: Contact us.

Get money from your app

If you setting a PRICING URL for your app the payment is done by Cashcow.
We take a commision of 15% for the deal and the rest we transfer to your credit card or bank account in the end of each month.

How to develop?

When you create an app you can see it in Cashcow AppMarket in red border.
Only you can see this app until the verification proccess is complete.
App market - login needed

Need help?

We are here!
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